Cost Savings Analysis

  • Electric vs Hydraulic Chart

    Electric vs Hydraulic Chart


We all know the enormous cost of a trip due to a failed servo, but have you ever thought about the cost of just maintaining your hydraulic system?

                   - Leaks                                                  - Motor and Pump Maintenance
                   - Varnish                                                - Annual Device Caibrations
                   - Servo Maintenance                               - Filter Replacements
                   - Lube Oil System Cleaning                     - More Leaks

Young & Franklin's line of Electrically Actuated Products eliminate all issues and costs associated with your hydraulic system. In addition, you can increase your service interval to 96,000 operating hours saving you significant money.

Whether you have a Diffusion or DLN system, Young & Franklin can provide a fully electric solution. No more pumps, filters, alarms, motors or any other hydraulic components to monitor and maintain.

                   - Combined Valves                                 - Gas Control Valves
                   - Stop/Ratio Valves                                - Guide Vane Actuators

Please contact Young & Franklin for a customized cost savings analysis to see how much you can save by going Electric.