8365 Series Liquid Fuel Bypass Valve Assembly

  • 8365 Series Liquid Fuel Bypass Valve Assembly

    8365 Series Liquid Fuel Bypass Valve Assembly

The YF 8365 Series Three-Way Fuel Oil Bypass Valve and Actuator Assembly provides liquid fuel control on large industrial turbine engines and is CE/PED approved. The valve assembly's hydraulic actuator utilizes servo control to provide reliable valve positioning and metered flow to the turbine and bypass outlet ports of the valve. The metering valve is a 3-way sleeve tube design. The hollow tube contained within the valve is sized appropriately for the flow rate of the valve. The movement of the tube provides the required metering characteristics by covering and uncovering a series of holes distributed along the axis of the tube. The YF 8365 Series Fuel Oil Bypass Valves are available with an optional relief valve. An LVDT is also available for feedback.

  • Large turbine liquid fuel flow control
  • Common design for all turbine sizes
  • Customized flow metering characteristics
  • Operating pressure: 1200-1600 PSI
  • Rated hydraulic pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Hydraulics temperature range:
    Ambient: -20°F to 200°F
    Fluid: 50°F to 180°F
  • Body size and rating: 3.00", 1200 PSIG, 270 GPM or 370 GPM
  • Valve temperature range:
    Fuel oil: 50°F to 120°F
    Ambient: 50°F to 150°F
  • External leakage: Zero @ 1200 PSIG
  • Actuator stroke: 2.38 +/- .06"
  • LVDT available for feedback

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