8580 Series Gas Control Valves

  • 8580 Series Gas Control Valves

    8580 Series Gas Control Valves

The YF 8580 Series Gas Control Assemblies provide fast and reliable control of gas fuel flow to the combustion system of a large industrial or utility gas turbine.

These two-way gas fuel control valves provide variable flow control in applications requiring highly linear critical gas flow relative to valve stroke. Control valve positioning is effected through a triple coil, two-stage servo valve that recieves a +/- 8 mA command from the controller in proportion to position feedback as measured using two LVDT's. This closed loop control scheme ensures accurate fuel metering based on valve position. 

YF 8580 Series Valves utilize a common design for 1" to 10" line size applications. 

  • Rapid hydraulic actuation with +/- 8 mA servo command; +/- 60 mA servo command options available 
  • 1200 to 1700 psi hydraulic pressure (to 3000 psi for aux/stop valves) 
  • 0.7 to 3.5 Vrms LVDT feedback with 7.0 Vrms input 
  • RVDT feedback available for rotary valves; limit switch standard for aux/stop valves 
  • Independent electric or hydraulic trip valve 
  • Trip time:
    < 100 ms for up to 6" valve
    < 200 ms for 8" or larger valve 
  • Low pressure trip relay ( LP ): 100 psi 
  • High pressure trip relay ( HP ): 1600 psi 
  • Typical slew time:
    0.7 +/- .03 second;
    0.200 second slew time available for some models 
  • Designed for ease of service and maintenance 
  • Failsafe close 
  • Certified to North American and European standards for use in hazardous locations.

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