1290 Ratchet Sequencing Valve

  • 1290 Ratchet Sequencing Valve

    1290 Ratchet Sequencing Valve

The Y&F 1290 Series Hydraulic Ratchet Sequencing Valve is used on G.E. Frame 5, 6, and early Frame 7 Turbines.

The Hydraulic Ratchet Sequencing Valve is used on land-based gas turbines to provide hydraulic control and sequencing for a ratchet device on the rotor shaft. The incremental rotation of the shaft provided by this device helps to prevent rotor bow of the shaft when it is stationary and assists in overcoming static friction at start-up. The Solenoid Assembly can be integrated on or off the valve assembly, and as part of the pilot valve, provides electronic on-off control of the Ratchet Valve Assembly. The pilot valve directs the hydraulic flow within the Ratchet Valve to supply the operating hydraulics to the valve or in the default position, directs the flow to drain.

  • Voltage Rating: 90 to 125 VDC
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -15°C to 70°C
  • Media Temperature Range: +10°C to 83°C
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 3000 psi
  • Approx. Weight: 14.1 kg (31 lb.)
  • The Ratchet Valve does not have a required mounting orientation. It is secured in place by two customer supplied fasteners
  • Operating Hours: The amount of usage and cycling seen by the Ratchet Valve Assembly is dependent on the specific application of the ratchet valve. It may operate for up to 500 cycles per day in some applications or it may not operate for continuous periods of up to 25,000 hours at a time.
With Solonoid
Without Solonoid

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