4010 Fuel Regulator

  • 4010 Fuel Regulator

    4010 Fuel Regulator

The primary control of the gas turbine unit is control of the fuel flow rate. This important function is performed by the fuel regulator; a compact, reliable electro-hydraulic governing device which is driven either by an accessory drive gear or a steam turbine (starting/helper), dependent on which application is utilized. The output of the regulator is a variable control oil pressure (VCO) which, with liquid fuel systems, determines the stroke of the fuel pump or, with gas systems, regulates the position of the fuel gas control valve. The regulator governs the fuel flow to the gas turbine unit to control the turbine speed, the rate of change of exhaust gas temperature, and the maximum limit of exhaust gas temperature. It also sets the fuel flow for firing the accelerating during the starting sequence.

  • Control rate of fuel applicates to limit changein exhaust gas temperature
  • Start up fuel control duringstarting sequence
  • Turbine speed control
  • Turbine overtemp control
  • Provides CCO hydraulic supply

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