8605 PID Controller

  • 8605 PID Controller

    8605 PID Controller

The Y&F 8605 Series PID Controllers are available for servo control of Y&F electro-hydraulic fuel valves and are also suitable for any other application requiring closed loop control for pressure, flow, position or temperature. 

Each Y&F 8605 Series PID Controller is a multiple input, multiple output controller board providing PID Algorithm (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) for closed loop automation systems. It may optionally come with an LVDT signal conditioner, providing LVDT excitation, 4-20mA feedback and digital display. 

The Controller printed circuit board is mounted on a DIN rail adapter for easy, snap-in mounting to the control panel. Mounting position is unrestricted. The Y&F 8605 Series PID Controllers are suitable for operating temperatures between 0°C and +70°C.

  • Voltage and current differential command and feedback inputs 
  • Ramp input 
  • Adjustable gains ( PID ) 
  • Switchable time constants ( ID ) 
  • Adjustable current offset 
  • Integrator ( I ) disable 
  • Selectable integrator limits 
  • PID gains test/measurements points 
  • Integrator antiwindup circuitry 
  • Inputs and outputs transient voltage protected 
  • Dither 
  • Reset on power-ON & power-OFF preventing uncontrollable behavior 
  • Wide range of power supply voltages 
  • Provision for optional single or dual LVDT transducer interface card 
  • Standard board form factor with with optional enclosure and DIN rail mounting

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