9140 Naphtha Dump Valve

  • 9140 Naphtha Dump Valve

    9140 Naphtha Dump Valve

The Y&F 9140 Series Naphtha Dump Valves are used for naphtha and water purge applications for aeroderivative turbines. This two-position, two-way, pilot operated design will fail closed upon loss of electrical power. The valve is a spring closed, energize to open design. A three-way, two-position pilot valve is used to operate the valve. Flow from the valve inlet to the outlet controlled by a poppet. A spring, along with pressure forces, holds the poppet in the closed position. The pilot valve, when energized, directs flow from the valve inlet to a piston attached to the poppet. This causes the poppet to be pushed against a stop, opening the valve. A minimum differential pressure of 30 psid is required for the valve to open when it is energized.

  • Solenoid operated/pilot controlled valve 
  • Response time: < = 40 milliseconds 
  • CV: 4.3 
  • Rated pressure: 1400 PSIG maximum 
  • Rated hydraulic pressure: 3000 PSI 
  • Internal leakage per MSS SP-61 @ 50 to 1550 PSIG 
  • Ambient temperature:
    -40°F to 350°F (Non-Operating)
    -20°F to 220°F (Operating) 
  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Hazardous location approvals 
  • Duty cycle: 4 seconds ON 12 hours OFF 
  • Electrical power: 24 VDC, 1.5A max

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